Best Car Smoke Leakage Detector- SDT206

A typical day in a car workshop a car parked broken down due to a smoke leakage problem, but the worried mechanic is not able to diagnose where the actual fault is, he is using a number of techniques to find out where would be a possible problem, but he failed every time.

This is the scene in almost every workshop where the modern smoke detector machine is not available.


car smoke leakage detector

To overcome this problem with pinpoint accuracy every modern workshop these days has technological advancement for each process, the same goes with the  EVAP smoke machines.

There are several car smoke leakage detectors available in the market but here we discuss one of the most reliable and user-friendly machines Which is Car smoke leakage detector SDT 206 this amazing product is being offered by Autool.  It is an easy-to-use machine and at the same time the most efficient and effective tool to correctly diagnose where the action is needed.

car smoke leakage detector

Some of the best available Car Smoke Leakage Detectors in the market.

Autool SDT 206

Autoline Pro EVAP Automotive Smoke Machine

Smoke-Tek EVAP smoke Machine Tool

STINGER Brand EVAP Smoke Machine

Autoline Pro EVAP SMK-1 Automotive Smoke Machine

Why Car Smoke Leakage Detector SDT206 is preferred

Out of the above the most recommended and dependable product is Car Smoke Leakage Detector SDT206 because of the performance of this machine is being preferred by every professional workshop, and this machine is a complete package which enables workshops to enhance their standard of work.  its main features are overheating protector,  Smoke control switch, Smoke outlet quick connector, Pressure Gauge

Air flow meter, Oil level gauge, Oil drain outlet, Alarm Indicator, Split Air supply, Independent Switch control design.

The machine has 10-18 psi  pressure which will not let any leaks to hide and exposes even the fraction of hair line leaks.

Autool SDT 206 comes with air pump which will make this machine independent, and it is easily connect to car battery and perform the work.

smoke leakage detector SDT206

The machine also comes with overheat protection function as whenever the temperature of machine crossed 75°C the power protection is self-activated and shut down the machine. Moreover the machine can easily work till -20°C


Checks before you buy Car Smoke Leakage Detector

Before buying EVAP machine these things should be taken into consideration.

The most important part is power always check power of machine by checking its watts, the higher wattage machine is most suitable and able to generate more smoke.

Another important factor is the fluid, or which is often called smoke fluid you should go for the machine which comes with smoke fluids which that will lasts for at least 90 attempts

Another important factor is the size you can found SDT206 smoke machine is very much portable, and you can easily carry it anywhere.

car smoke leakage detector sdt206

Ease of use

A user friendly EVAP machine always shows enough of information related to process

Like in SDT206 it has various information windows like  Air flow meter, Oil level gauge, Oil drain outlet, Alarm Indicator, Split Air supply and more.

The SDT206 has edge over other EVAP machines because of its own air pump and it comes with massive three years warranty of parts replacements.

car smoke leakage detector


At the end if you are planning to buy Car Smoke Leakage Detector, just go for Car Smoke Leakage Detector, SDT206, you will not regret once you purchase this remarkable machine, its durability and dependability is the main reason of selecting the SDT 206.

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